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Green Peel by Dr. Schrammek

Green Peel by Dr. Schrammek

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The Green Peel is a pure extract remedy in which the ingredients work together to produce the peeling effect. As the herbs have no toxic side effects, it is a highly safe and reliable non-surgical procedure.

Resurfacing the skin with minor downtime, the results are truly exceptional. Total rejuvenation for ageing to acne prone skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scarring. Refines and smooths pores and skin texture.

Strengths of power-packed herbs

  • Energy uses 2 Grams of power-packed herbs for face, and 3 Grams for body
  • Classic uses 3 Grams of power-packed herbs for face and 4 Grams for body

Our Skin clinic is located in London, UK (E1), Once you purchase your package, you will receive a digital receipt and a scheduling link 

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